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Karin Fong interview

designer: Karin Fong • studio: Imaginary Forces • 4 comments

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Director and designer Karin Fong is one of the founding members of Imaginary Forces. She has worked on numerous Main Title projects since she started working for IF. We caught up with her backstage after the Flux/Watch the Titles event in L.A. to discuss title sequences. Fong talks about her recent main title and the making of “machine vision” for Terminator Salvation, her animated title sequence for The Pink Panther 2, and we asked her about her favorite title sequences. (5'30”)

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Part of a series of video interviews with Main Title designers recorded at the Flux/Forget the Film, Watch the Titles event at the Hammer Museum, L.A. See also our interviews with Jamie Caliri, Garson YuDanny Yount, and Kyle Cooper.

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About Karin Fong

Karin Fong

Karin Fong is a director and designer based in New York City. A native Californian, Fong  studied Art at Yale, with a concentration in Graphic Design. After successfully creating an animated alphabet book for her senior project, she began her career as an animator on the WGBH television program 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?' From that point forward, Karin was hooked on creating work that combines live action, design, and animation.

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Madelinde Hageman, Raoul Matheron

Remco Vlaanderen

Paul de Heer and Niels de Roos

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Comments (4):

8 Aug 09 • by: ranran
She's so lovely! Definately an inspirational figure.

8 Aug 09 • by: Alanjyd
Besides being an amazing artist and director, Karin is one the most humble and approachable people in the industry. Great interview!

8 Aug 09 • by: Basant
She is very talented and dedicated to her profession. And an extremely humble person also.

Wish you all the best Ms Karin

4 Nov 11 • by: Danielle
A female titler! About time! Glad people notice us girls have talent too.