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AVP: Alien vs. Predator

designer: Momoco2 comments

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Tiel designer Nic Benns: “I, personally, love horror, and although we've done several TV titles that are of that genre we don't get enough scary features to work on.”

“In the movie, the environment is where most of the action takes place - the 'battlefield' on earth. The sets had been dismantled in Prague by the time we got to do the titles, so we had to reconstruct the interiors of 'Pyramid' from photos of the set. The spaces were composited in 3D. The main title 'AVP' echoes the way the pyramid moves in the film - shifting walls, reassembling -  and it also reflected the typographic build of the original Alien movie. The type for the titles are in the Predator language and are then 'decoded' into English. The way the type is revealed also reflects the Mother computer screen in Ridley Scott's classic. There are lots of hidden messages in the red predator type which someone out there has yet to translate.”

This is the beginning and the end sequence.


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Title designer

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About Momoco


Still from the 2010 mini documentary about Momoco
Watch the 10" mini-documentary we made about Momoco featuring Miki Kato and Nic Benns, shot on location at their tiny London studio.

Momoco is a multi-disciplinary design and live action studio in London specializing in title sequences for film and TV, commercials and music videos. Momoco UK was founded by Nic Benns and Miki Kato. Creative director Nic Benns graduated from Cambridge University and moved to the US to study film at Cal Arts where he met Kato, who was studying for an MFA in Graphic Design.

Momoco has been designing title sequence since 1996, starting off at Imaginary Forces and yU+co, before setting up Momoco offices in L.A. and London in 1999. Sister company Momoco L.A. (Harold de Jesus and Marcel Valcarce) rebranded in 2005 to become inMotion Studios.

Momoco wrote, produced and directed the short sci-fi movie The Shell (a.k.a. Copelia) in 2010. (watch on Vimeo).

more about Momoco

Full credits

Director (film)
Paul W.S. Anderson

Title designer and animator
Nic Benns


Harald Kloser

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Comments (2):

1 Aug 10 • by: Zeke
did he or anyone else do a tutorial on how to do this?

3 Aug 10 • by: Remco
Don't think there's a specific tutorial on this. But I've seen plenty of tutorials on how to design Matrix-like titles. Could be helpful.