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My Big Fat Independent Movie

My Big Fat Independent Movie
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An independent filmmaker struggles to get a film deal in Hollywood, but veryone rejects his script. At the end of the title sequence he snaps.

The animation was done in Evan Mather's signature style that suggests a combination of analogue and digital techniques. Mather animates illustrations in After Effects. The lyrics of the title song by Joe Kraemer add a second narrative layer to the opening sequence.

Evan Mather writes on his website: "Chris Gore wrote the story and is the film's producer. Chris and I had lunch in early 2003 about this pet project and gave me an early draft of the script, which I used to generate initial design concepts. Frankly, some of the initial design concepts sucked and Chris wasn't afraid to tell me so, and pointed me toward the classic Pink Panther series. Working off the temp music track for the opening song by Joe Kraemer, I kept generating storyboards and pitching them to Chris and Phil Zlotorynski until finally something clicked and we had a good direction."

This title sequence was included in the Best Of SubmarineChannel DVD.

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About Evan Mather

Evan Mather

Independent film maker and animator based in Los Angeles. His distinct style suggests a combination of analogue and digital techniques.

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