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Submarine Channel

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Made by Submarine Channel:

Watch the Titles DVD-set out now!
Watch the Titles DVD-set out now!

Watch the Titles DVD-set out now! (2010)

About Submarine Channel:

Founded in 2000 by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting, Submarine Channel creates visually-led  projects projects that explore new storytelling possibilities. Projects include motion comics, video games, web documentaries, and transmedia projects. Submarine Channel's editorial projects include the popular Watch the Titles project, the curated music video website 2Pause, and Submarine Channel Profiles - the acclaimed, ongoing series of video interviews with designers, directors and artists on the web. attracts a global following of creative professionals across the spectrum. Updated daily, it showcases the best in next-gen cinema by peer content creators from around the world, leads discussion around the transmedial evolution of story, and hosts all Submarine Channel’s self-authored content.

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Collapsus - Emmy-nominated interactive story about the future of energy
HOTEL - interactive animation by Han Hoogerbrugge
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