Watch the Titles on Tour!

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles - One hour of the very best contemporary title sequences
Watching title sequences on a website is great, but nothing beats the silver screen, right? So, after the positive feedback we got about our movie title show at MU earlier this year, we decided it's time to take this show on the road.

Watch the Titles on Tour is a one-hour screening program made for cinemas, featuring a selection of the very best title sequences made between 2005-2010. Structured into moods, the program represents a growing body of talent from all over the world, and includes title sequences of movies, TV, games and events.

From science fiction to horror, from comedy to suspense, each title sequence in this program represents a unique emotion, mood, style or atmosphere.

Fasten your seat-belt for a bumpy ride and, just this once, forget the film and watch the titles! You'll be glad you did!

Premiere and tour
The program had its avant-premiere at the Lowlands Festival on 22 August 2010. 900 people attended the screening, and what a great crowd it was. Cheering, clapping, laughing and singing along to the songs from the openers. Couldn't have wished for a better premiere.

After touring The Netherlands, the program will screen at selected international festivals, events and cinemas. If you're interested in screening of 'Forget the Film, Watch the Titles', please contact: Remco Vlaanderen (curator) or Yaniv Wolf (Distribution/PR). That's remco or yaniv [at] submarine {dot} nl.

Premiere @ Rialto

2012 screenings t.b.a. soon

Dutch Tour dates
2010 - 2011
•    PREMIERE: Sun 19 Sep, 7.45 PM, Rialto, Amsterdam
•    Wed 22 Sep, 9.15 PM, Chassé Theater, Breda
•    Sun 26 Sep, 7 PM, Images, Groningen
•    Wed 29 Sep, 9.30 PM, Cinerama, Rotterdam
•    Thu 30 Sep, 21.15 PM, Plaza Futura, Eindhoven
•    Fri 8 Oct, Playgrounds Festival, Tilburg
•    Wed 13 Oct, 9.30 PM, Focus, Arnhem
•    Thu 14 Oct, 8 PM, Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch
•    Fri 22 Oct, 9.15 PM, Lux, Nijmegen
•    Sat 23 Oct, 10 PM, Lumière Cinema, Maastricht
•    Sun 24 Oct, 5 PM, Filmhuis, Den Haag
•    Mon 25 Oct, 8 PM, Lumière, Maastricht
•    Tue 26 Oct, 9 PM, Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht
•    Sat 30 Oct, 4 PM, Scheltemacomplex, Leiden International Film Festival


A big giant THANK YOU goes out to all designers and studios that participated. This would not have been possible without you!

We'd like to express our deepest gratitude to the funding bodies that made this screening program possible: The Mondriaan Foundation, SNS REAAL Fund and the Prince Bernard Culture Fund.

Last but not least. The SubmarineChannel crew!


Watch the Titles at Lowlands

Images: A queue for the Forget the Film, Watch the Titles avant-premiere at Lowlands on 22 August 2010.