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Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium

Danny DelPurgatorio, Reel FX (2007)

Reel FX‘s recently launched new title design division creates the wonderful, rich and colorful animated title sequence for Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. The opener is laden with imagery inspired by toy packaging of days-gone-by.

The film tells the story of the world’s most miraculous toy store and its mysterious owner, Mr. Magorium, played by Dustin Hoffman. The colorful title sequence is laden with imagary inspired by toy packaging of the fourties, fifties and sixties, – retro, yes, but with a decidedly modern approach.

The aim of the Reel FX team, led by title director Danny DelPurgatorio, creative director Brandon Oldenburg and producer Jennifer Brannon was to “create an opening for Magorium that reached beyond normal title work in its creative depth while still setting the tone of the film and staying true to its magical, whimsical feel,” according to Reel FX’s press release (Dallas, 11.15.07).

Title director Danny DelPurgatorio: “Magorium deals in the fantastic, and it was important to the creative team that we achieve something really special to bring the audience into that world, which meant not limiting ourselves to one specific technology or technique. Using several varieties of animation gave the work a great texture, and really brought it to life.”

There is a lot happening on the screen. The great variety of details and rich textures justifies more than one view. The title sequence contains a story within a story and according to the same press release “foreshadows key pieces of the plot with subtle detail, while never breaking from the tone of the film.”

About the creative process, Chuck Peil, VP Business Development for Reel FX said: “It was an absolutely blank canvas which meant we were afforded a full measure of creative latitude to explore without boundaries.”

Article: Remco Vlaanderen, © Submarine Channel, 23 January 2008.

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About Danny DelPurgatorio

DelPurgatorio graduated from The Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, with a BFA in illustration. A few months after graduating, he  accepted a full time position with Reel FX, starting and leading the company’s new title design division. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and American Fork are the first two title sequences produced by Reel FX. Outside of Reel FX and freelance, DelPurgatorio is working on his first feature length film entitled The Clearing.

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Full credits

Director (title)
Danny DelPurgatorio
Creative director
Brandon Oldenburg
Creative Consultant
William Joyce 
Justin C. Harder, Brandon Oldenburg, Danny DelPurgatorio
Director (film)
Zach Helm

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