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The contemporary and the traditional merge in this beautiful, multi-layered title sequence. The main title of Operetta Tanuki Goten (original title) consists of several side-scrolling, overlapping layers with animated, static and abstract visual elements that contain references to Japanese traditional culture.

Operetta Tanuki Goten was one of the most fantastic films from Japan in 2006. The film defies simple categorization. Director Seijun Suzuki combined elements from Hollywood musicals with comedy, drama, Kabuki theater, and traditional Japanese ghost stories.

Suzuki created this masterpiece at the age of 82. Throughout his entire carreer, the influential director has been a stylistic innovator who often focused more on the visual aspects of his films – image composition, color schemes, set designs, rhythm and timing – than on storytelling.

Year of production


Full credits

Director (film)
Seijun Suzuki
Production Companies
Geneon Entertainment, Dentsu, Nippon Herald Films, Shochiku, Eisei Gekijo, Ogura Jimusyo

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