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Amsterdam-based motion design studio Onesize has built a solid reputation for themselves in recent years. This is partly due to their eye-catching and technologically advanced opening titles for two design events back in 2009, OFFF and Playgrounds. In 2010 we shot a video profile with Onesize founders Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendriks in their, then, brand-new and freshly painted Amsterdam studio. First published on our 2DVD set, our Onesize interview is now finally online for all to enjoy.

Onesize Profile on Vimeo | YouTube
Onesize interview (stills)

“The fun of our business is creating new things. And if you do a trick twice, it's not as much fun..." says Kasper Verweij, referring to clients sometimes wanting the exact same pioneering technique they used in a free project, like the Playgrounds titles. "But we tend to do something and then not do it again. Or make it better.”

Playgrounds festival from Onesize on Vimeo.

OFFF 2009

This epic, 8-minute title sequence depicts a hapless scientist - played by Onesize 3-D lead Harm van Zon - performing wacky experiments on the 38 sponsor logos for the worldwide post-digital culture event OFFF. In his basement laboratory, the disastrous results of his tomfoolery include a miniature atom bomb, and the obligatory lingerie-clad bombshell (with a slight defect). In each experiment, the logos are subject to chemical reactions – except for Microsoft, which has no reaction a all. The OFFF 2009 sponsor title sequence is another notable manifestation of the growing demand for the genre outside the movie realm. Mixing the quaint charm of old-school live action with exquisite animation, the result is a highly entertaining and visually stunning sequence that works great on repeat.

OFFF 2009 Sponsor Titles from OFFF, let's feed the future on Vimeo


Direction, Design, Pre- and Post-Production Onesize, Sound Design Jeff Dodson, Character Design and Animation Adriano Zanetti, Cast  Harm van Zon, Adrienne Jansen, Joris van Grunsven


Article: Lotje Sodderland © Submarine Channel 26 March 2013.



FITC Amsterdam 2013 opening titles
FITC Amsterdam 2013

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About Onesize


Onesize is a Dutch creative motion studio founded by two creative partners, Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendriks. Formerly located in Delft, the designers moved their studio to Amsterdam in 2010, where they mix "media like live-action, photography, 3D, graphic design, interaction design, sound design and music are used in order to create new ideas, develop new techniques, new design tools, and a distinct visual style."

We filmed Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendriks in their, then, brand-new studio in Amsterdam, intoxicated by the fumes of fresh paint. The profile features interviews with founders Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendriks and 3-D designer Harm van Zon. Watch the interview here.

Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendiks of Onesize

more about Onesize

Full credits

Interview featuring Rogier Hendriks & Kasper Verweij @ Onesize, Director Remco Vlaanderen, Camera Robijn Voshol, Editor Paul de Heer Voice Tommy Pallotta Making Of Footage by Onesize used with kind permission

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