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Darius Ghanai

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Made by Darius Ghanai:

Darius Ghanai interview
Darius Ghanai interview

Darius Ghanai interview (2010)

About Darius Ghanai:

Title designer Darius Ghanai in his former studio in Berlin
In his former studio in Berlin, posing in front of a poster he designed for Wim Wender's film Don't Come Knocking

Germany's most prolific title designer, Darius Ghanai has designed over 50 title sequences and posters for critically acclaimed European films such as Good Bye, Lenin!, Perfume and Palermo Shooting. Ghanai worked as a travelling musician in the past. He has been designing titles for European films since the late 1990s. In 2012, Darius received the prestigious German Film Critics Special Award for his work as a title designer. Other notable title sequences by Ghanai include the popular German kids comedy Das Sams (2001), and the animated titles for Rubbeldiekatz (2011).


The company founded by the Berlin-based title designer Darius Ghanai.

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