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Made by GMUNK:

FITC Amsterdam 2013
FITC Amsterdam 2013

FITC Amsterdam 2013 (2013)

About GMUNK:

Bradley G Munkowitz – most commonly known as GMUNK – is a freelance design director for the motion graphic industry who is also passionately involved in the global design community. His work covers a range of immersive interactive web experiences and digital effects for both the screen (most recently, holographic content for TRON legacy) and physical space.


Onesize is a Dutch creative motion studio founded by two creative partners, Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendriks. Formerly located in Delft, Onesize moved to Amsterdam in 2010. The studio focuses on motion graphics, animation, visual effects and direction for film, television, games, web and print.

"Mixing media like live-action, photography, 3D, graphic design, interaction design, sound design and music are used in order to create new ideas, develope new techniques, new (design)tools, and a distinct visual style."

We made a video profile about Onesize in 2010 for the Watch the Titles DVD set. We filmed in the studio's brand-new studio in Amsterdam, when the paint was still wet. The profile features interviews with founders Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendriks and 3-D designer Harm van Zon. Watch the interview here.

Clients include Nike, Adidas, O'Neill, Fanta, Mitsubishi, BMW, Jägermeister, Bols,  MTV, Discovery Europe, Travel Channel, Mars, Ogilvy, KesselsKramer, Rapier, and many more.

Visit the website of Onesize