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Garson Yu

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Made by Garson Yu:

Mission: Impossible II
Mission: Impossible II

Mission: Impossible II (2000)


Enchanted (2007)

Garson Yu interview
Garson Yu interview

Garson Yu interview (2009)


Photo © Marla Aufmuth

About Garson Yu:

Garson Yu started his career in NYC as a freelance designer at RGA. In 1993, Garson moved to LA and joined Imaginary Forces as co-creative director alongside partner Kyle Cooper. In 1998 Yu founded yU+co, a design company specializing in motion graphics for film and TV.

“There’s more creative freedom in doing main-on-end titles, because they need to be more entertaining,” Yu said in an interview with Motionographer's Justin Cone.


Over a 10 year period, the yU+co built an impressive portfolio that includes numerous memorable main titles for both film and TV. yU+co founder Garson Yu has collaborated with many filmmakers for his title design work including Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, John Woo, and Ridley and Tony Scott.

In 2006, Yu+co broke new ground with the animated main on end title sequence for 300. Earlier this year, the company stunned and surprised audiences everywhere with the slow-paced 6-minute long opening title sequence for Watchmen.

Visit the website of yU+co