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Lucienne Berthon

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Made by Lucienne Berthon:

Fantomas Strikes Back
Fantomas Strikes Back

Fantomas Strikes Back (1965)

About Lucienne Berthon:

Born in 1926, Lucienne Berthon was already a gifted artist at an early age. At the age of 16  Berthon won a drawing prize from the City of Paris. She immediately joined one of the first French animation teams directed by Albert Dubout, but stopped after a few years to devote herself to painting. In 1955, she founded her own production company, Les Films Berthon. The company would create over 50 hand-drawn animated films as well as live action productions. With the advent tof computer assisted animation production, her talent for creating hand-drawn animation gradually became obsolete. She then returned to painting and exhibits her work all over the world. Berthon lives in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris.

Les Films Berthon