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Gerard Majax

Gérard Majax is a very famous French magician, born in 1943. At 18 years old, during his studies, he made a living by performing magic shows in several famous cabaret groups. Majax goes on a world tour with the Olympia Music Hall. Back in France, he frequently does guest appearances in  television shows, which helps him consolidate his success. Majax’s passion for optical illusions gave him the idea in 2000 to create the “Hallucinoscope” – a virtual reality system without electronics that gives the user the impression of crossing the border of reality or going in levitation. Museums and amusement parks all over the world used his inventions. The “Futuroscope” for example, allowed visitors to step into a giant Moebius comic book. But the contact with the audience is very important to the magician. Majax continues to work on stage shows to this day.

Gérard Majax