Watch the Titles


PIC is a “design boutique” located in Santa Monica, CA. The company was founded in 2005 by Pamela Green and Jarik Van Sluijs.

Van Sluijs, who grew up both in Latin America and The Netherlands, went to college at the Utrecht School of the Arts. In 1997 he did an exchange program with a school in Virginia. “Back then there wasn’t realy any motion graphics in college,” says Jarik. “It was graphic design, video and animation. And if you wanted to prepare yourself to work on main titles you had to combine those three.”

Van Sluijs went back to Virginia for his masters and, through a teacher, got an internship position at Greenberg/Schluter in Hollywood. “When I finished my studies, I came back to Hollywood to work at that same company. Greenberg/Schluter was bought up by Kaleidoscope Films Group and we started doing main titles. I met Pamela Green and Stephan Burle there, and we left in 2005 to start PIC.”

“We wanted to try to work with the best people in the business and with the best products, and try to be a small boutique.”

PIC’s elaborate opening title sequence for The Kingdom (2007) is a unique blend of opening credits, documentary footage and compelling infographics. PIC wrote the script, did all the research and literally went back to their history books to tell the story of Oil. Serving as a prologue to the film, the title sequence really put the studio on the map in Hollywood and showcased their skills as storytellers, able to handle delicate subject matter.