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Richard Morrison

Richard Morrison is one of Europe’s most prolific and accomplished title designers whose carreer spans over four decades. Morrison started his professional carreer working at a production studio where he ran into Maurice Binder. He assisted Binder with the production of the main title sequence of one of the Bond movies, which led him to pursue movie title design. He got his first “lucky break” in 1979, when director Franc Roddam asked him to design the main title for Quadrophenia.

Morrison’s body of work includes over one hundred title sequences for film and TV. Notable directors he has worked with (often more than once) include Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, Jean-Jacques Annaud, David Lean, Stephen Frears, Kenneth Branagh, Ridley Scott, and Nicolas Roeg.

After having run the design and production company Plume for more than twenty years, Morrison founded Fig Productions in 1998. In 2007, he joined the animation and mixed media production company Th1ng in London. Morrison is now exclusively directing out of Th1ng (pronounced as “thing one”), partnering with founder Dominic Buttimore, and also takes on the mantle of a senior creative support to the company.

One of the character traits that defines Morrison as a designer is his ability to connect to people. A grounded and level-headed Brit, Morrison intuitively understands what a project needs. He is not just a designer, but a storyteller aswell.

Main titles by Morrison include The Constant Gardener, Seven Years in Tibet, Batman, Brazil, Gandhi, Hellraiser, The Killing Fields, A Passage to India and Sweeney Todd. website and blog
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