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Watch the Titles DVD-set

The DVD-set is also available at selected museums, art and film bookstores worldwide.We’re stil pinching ourselves in the arms. After almost 7 months of hard work, we proudly present the first “Forget the Film, Watch the Titles” DVD-set – a unique publication featuring almost 3 hours of content related to title design.

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The first DVD features a collection of 38 great contemporary title sequences. With a special focus on, but not limited to European film title sequences, the DVD also includes a couple of amazing titles made for TV, games and motion graphic events.

The second DVD features 9 short documentaries on leading title designers, offering an insightful, behind-the-scenes look into the fascinating world of title design.

Featuring almost 3 hours of exciting content and representing a selection of the best international motion design talents, this 2 DVD-set is essential viewing for movie lovers, and an indispensable source of inspiration for designers, filmmakers and animators.

Video: PAL and NTSC available
Region Code: ALL
Disc Format: 2 x DVD-5
Video Duration DVD1: 01:24:15 mins. 
Video Duration DVD2: 01:28:48 mins. 
Audio: Stereo
Subtitles: English (if applicable), French, Dutch, Spanish

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The DVD is handsomely produced and packaged, and comes with a 36-page booklet detailing the selected title sequences.

French, Spanish, Dutch, English (if applicable)

38 of the best contemporary title sequences (2003 – 2011)

– Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
– On Tour (Tournee) – 3:19 – Dunya & Desie – Ex Drummer
– Huff
– Killzone 2
– Offf 2009
– Playgrounds 2009
– Good Bye Lenin!
– Ca Se Soigne?
– Palermo Shooting
– The Dog Problem
– OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d’espions
– Splice
– Earthwork 
– The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
– Crustaces et Coquillages 
– Wowie (part 1)
– Wowie (part 2)
– Les Chevaliers du Ciel
– De Griezelbus (Gruesome School Trip)
– AICP event titles
and many more…

9 short documentaries about title designers shot on location in L.A., Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. 
Interviews will eventually be published on the website.

Momoco – Nic Benns & Miki Kato

The one thing that Nic Benns likes most about designing title sequences is creating the storyboards. Benns talks about his love for horror movies, comic books, and he takes us through the design process of Dangerous Parking and 30 Days of Night. And he shows his amazing board art for his title sequence for the British TV show Luther. Miki Kato discusses the BAFTA-award nominated title sequence for the supernatural comedy/drama series Misfits. The interview concludes with the story behind Momoco’s amazing self-produced, designed and directed short sci-fi movie Copelia.

th1ng – Richard Morrison

Richard Morrison is a fascinating character and a great storyteller. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Morrisson is a true title design veteran. He is currently a partner and creative director at th1ng, whose studios are located in the heart of London Soho. Part of the interview was shot on the roof terrace of th1ng’s office on Wardour Street, a perfect backdrop that reminded us of the moody images of Victorian London in the Sweeney Toddtitle sequence. Richard also takes us to his favorite meeting place, Bar Italia, the illustrious coffee shop in Soho, where the walls are clad with vintage photographs of Italian movie stars.

Balder Westein

As a kid, Balder Westein used to build elaborate sets for his toys. Over the course of several years, Westein taught himself how to do stop-motion animation. He is currently one of the few title designers active in The Netherlands, where his work is noted for being original, entertaining, and, above all, funny. Westein has that typical animator’s state-of-mind – always observing the little details. We get a glimpse of the world seen through Westein’s eyes, when he takes us on a tour to the famous Albert Cuyp street market in Amsterdam, where he shows us some of the crazy stuff that’s on sale there. 

Onesize – Kasper Verweij & Rogier Hendriks

In just a few years, Onesize has made a name for itself as the most exciting Dutch hybrid motion design studio, taking on everything from movie and event titles, to music videos and commercials. We love Verweij and Hendrik’s design philosophy – never do the same thing twice, and always challenge yourself. The studio gained worldwide recognition for their event titles for Playgrounds and Offf. And we filmed the entire shoot of those incredible Playgrounds titles. Hendriks and lead 3-D artist Harm van Zon discuss the post-production process of both event titles and the variety of challenges that come with the making of ambitious titles on shoestring budgets.

Stephan Burle & Jarik van Sluijs – PIC

In L.A. we visited the renowned studio PIC, where we met with art directors/designers Stephan Burle and Jarik van Sluijs. PIC are credited as the studio who have successfully advanced the title sequence as a story-telling medium. Van Sluijs and Burle discuss the evolution of their work, starting with their groundbreaking and eloborate title sequence for The Kingdom. Next, they discuss the meticulously researched and immaculately designed title sequence for sci-fi thriller Push. The lines between fact and fiction, future and history blur completely in PIC’s recent, multi-faceted title sequence for the first-person shooter game Singularity.

Darius Ghanai

The sympathetic German title designer has a studio in the heart of Mitte, a vibrant neighborhood in the center of former East-Berlin. Once upon a time, Ghanai travelled Europe as a musician, but since he started doing movie titles in the mid 1990’s, he’s become Germany’s most prolific title designer. Designing titles for major German and European films, he has worked with directors such as Wim Wenders (Palermo Shooting), Wolfgang Becker (Good bye Lenin) and Tom Tykwer (Perfume). In his studio, Ghanai talks about his integrated design approach, and why we need a title sequence at the beginning, not at the end of a movie.

Shine – Michael Riley
Michael Riley has been designing and directing title sequences since the early 1990’s. He worked with Kyle Cooper at R/GA and was partner at Imaginary Forces in L.A. before becoming creative director at Shine. Riley knows what motion design was like before computers became the standard tool for motion design. Riley discusses the pitching and storyboarding of Shine’s animated title sequence for The Back-Up Plan. Riley discusses his classic 1997 title sequence for Gattaca, and he takes us through the design process of his Emmy-nominated main title for the HBO drama Temple Grandin.

Laurent Brett

Laurent Brett is one of the few freelance motion designers we’ve met who is able to devote 100 percent of his time to creating main titles and visual effects for movies. Brett works in the film district of Paris, where he shares a (very inspiring) space with the design collective Sabotage. The soft-spoken designer talks passionately about his work. We discuss record sleeve designs, and Brett talks about his fascination for classic French title sequences from the 1970s. He takes us back in time, to the making of his acclaimed 3D main title for Hostage. He shows us his recent live action title sequence for Jeanine, and his 3D sequence for French romantic comedy Une Folle Envie.  

Kook Ewo

We loved Ewo’s uncanny title sequence for sci-fi movie Splice this year, also included on the DVD. In Paris, we met the young designer in his studio space, located  inside a stately 19th century building that also houses the offices of the major French film producer Davis Films. In a test screening room next to Ewo’s studio, the designer talks about how designing a title sequence should be a collaborative process, more than anything else. “It’s not about pushing your style into the movie.” Ewo talks about his title sequence and special sequences for Silent Hill and he takes us through the design process of Splice.

The Forget the Film, Watch the Titles DVD is a SubmarineChannel production. This publication has been made possible by SNS Reaal FondsPrins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Mondriaan Foundation.

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