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Cindy Liu

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Made by Cindy Liu:

Love in a Cab
Love in a Cab

Love in a Cab (2010)

About Cindy Liu:

Cindy Liu is a Taiwan-born broadcast designer with six years of broadcast animation experience helming several high profile projects in the region. At a young age of 25, she has had experience leading a team of designers to work on large channel branding and campaigns. She is currently a Creative Director at MOJO, a Singapore-based design and animation studio which is one of the most prolific design studios in Asia in recent years.

She has worked with several clients including AXN, MTV, ESPN Starsports, Al Jazeera, Astro, ChannelNewsAsia, MBC and BlackBerry.

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Founded by Director/Designer Josef Lee in June 2008, MOJO is a full service design workshop specializing in direction, design and animation for the film and TV industry.

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