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Lorcan Finnegan

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Made by Lorcan Finnegan:

Corp + Anam
Corp + Anam

Corp + Anam (2011)

About Lorcan Finnegan:

Lorcan Finnegan is a Dublin-based director specializing in movies, music videos and commercials. Finnegan works in a wide range of styles and genres, including (stop motion) animation and live action. After earning his Bachelor of Design Communication in 2001 from the Dun Laoghaire College of Art Design and Technology, he moved to London and was there for two  years. Finnegan moved back to Dublin in 2004 to establish his own production company, Lovely Productions, with his creative collaborators Steven Courtney and Brunella Cocchiglia.

Lorcan Finnegan

Among other things, Finnegan directed the viral "Sonny," which won the Sony PSP Amaze Me competition. His short film Foxes won an IFTA (Annual Irish Film and Television Award) for Best Short in 2012. Watch the teaser on Vimeo.

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- Illustrations and character design
2Pause - Two music videos by Finnegan on Submarine Channel's curated music video platform.

Lovely Productions

Dublin, Ireland-based production company specializing in commercials, virals and music videos. Founded by director Lorcan Finnegan and his creative partners Steven Courtney and Brunella Cocchiglia.

Visit the website of Lovely Productions