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Jordi Pages with MRK and Gabor Ekes

Gabor Ekes
Gabor Ekes is a freelance digital artist based in London who combines his love of storytelling with technical expertise to create cinematic experiences. Working on experimental projects for both brands and individuals, Gabor actively collaborates with a number of creative agencies to create  work that take the viewers beyond the static image.
Recent Projects include Beneath the Surface, Parasite Choi, t1/2, Crysis and Skyfall.

MRK (Markos Kay) is a visual artist and design director based in London. Coming from a traditional Graphic Design and Fine Art background, he first became fascinated with 3D generative art during his Masters degree at Central St. Martins. His works have been exhibited internationally, while his video installation “aDiatomea” is a permanent exhibit at Haeckel’s Phyletic Museum in Germany. MRK’s work fuses science with art, dealing with themes of emergence, evolution and complexity as well as virtuality and artificial life.

Jordi Pagès
Raised in Girona, Spain, Jordi Pagès now calls London home. While his postal address may read ‘United Kingdom’, Pages’ work has legs that ensure his dreams never stop sprinting from country to country. Unwilling to be constrained by restrictive labels of the design industry, Jordi can only be described as an expert in the experimental – the artist specialises in creating animation, graphics and light projections from a different world. In 2010, Pages joined forces with design studio Seeper and, in less than two years, climbed collaborative constellations and projective pipe dreams to the award of 3D Motion Graphics leader, a large feat for such a small amount of time. Perhaps what makes Pagès a cut above the terrestrial rest is his involvement in linguistics and languages – his role as lecturer at the University of Arts London breathes down the neck of each and every short film narrative the designer creates. Pagès’ bio by Sophie Lane