Watch the Titles

Smith & Lee

Directors and designers Gareth Smith and Jenny Lee formed Smith & Lee design in 2011. Both creators had been working professionaly in film and design –often by combining both disciplines– since the early 2000’s. Main titles by Smith & Lee include Up In The Air, John Carpenter’s The Ward, Thank You For Smoking and Juno.

Smith and Lee previously formed Shadowplay Studio –a motion design and visual effects studio located on the Miracle Mile in L.A.– with co-founder Ari Sachter-Zeltzer. Both Smith and Sachter-Zeltzer were graduates from the design department of UCLA.

Shadowplay created a number of striking title sequences for feature films by Jason Reitman. The animated title sequence for Thank You For Smoking (included in the “Forget the Film, Watch the Titles” exhibition in MU in 2010) was based on the design of cigarette cartons. Another striking opening title was Juno (included in our touring screening program). Shadowplay discontinued in 2011.