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Title designer Karin Fong: “The film’s director, Mark Steven Johnson, wanted an idea that highlighted what was unique about Daredevil – his blindness. So, in the beginning we brainstormed all the ways to convey this.

The initial stages involved coming up with concepts and storyboard keyframes.

DesignerKarin Fong
StudioImaginary Forces

“Because Daredevil relies on his hearing so much, there were a couple ideas that involved sonar, and ways of having images revealed by soundwaves,” Fong continues. “One concept involved traveling through his ear. Another went in a totally different direction using his trademark weapon. But the idea of using Braille was always a favorite.

“The twist was that they would become the city lights of Hell’s Kitchen, where the hero lives. When the team – Charles Khoury, Greg Reynard, and Brian Castleforte – went about animating it, we decided to make the Braille type emerge from the lit windows and the buildings vanish into the background for a more haunting effect.”


Director (film)
Mark Steven Johnson

Art Director
Karin Fong

Title designer
Karin Fong, Charles Khoury, Chun-Chien Lien

Castleforte, Greg reynard, Charles Khoury, Tom Allain

Production company (titles)
Imaginary Forces

Main Production companies (film)
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Enterprises

Karin Fong

Karin Fong is one of the most prolific and versatile title designers of the last three decades, often referred to as the “Saul Bass of her generation”. She’s a chameleon able to adapt to almost any style, often alluding to metaphorical or surrealist interpretations of the film or TV show’s narrative to great effect.
We met with Karin at Imaginary Forces in L.A. to discuss her Main Titles for Tell me a Story, Counterpart, South Park, Jack Ryan and Lost in Space.

Daredevil title sequence by Karin Fong Imaginary Forces