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Florina Titz and Craig Webster

Florina Titz has been awarded a Fellowship at the University of Iowa Film and Video Production department. She is currently working an a web series with fellow MFA, Craig Webster.

Craig Webster is currently writing and shooting “Wowie,” a series of short film installments about a delusional postman. He also acts as the sole character in the web-series “DaiDaiiRo”.

Florina Titz
Born in Constanta, Romania in 1986 and raised there for the most part of her
life, Florina Titz has been interested in film for the past seven years. Educated at Ovidius University in Constanta from 2004 to 2008, she earned a BA in English and French Literature. While at the Ovidius University, Florina started working as a video artist in a combo with acclaimed Romanian theater director Radu Afrim. There she met professional actors and together they shot a short narrative film called “Unmatched” (2007). In her senior year, Florina shot her first, entirely self-produced feature-length film “TRIP” (2009).

Titz is interested in directing fiction and narrative films, shot on high definition digital.

Craig Webster
After graduating from Willamette in 2005, Craig Webster completed an M.Sc. at Oxford University in mathematical modelling. In 2007 he lived in Budapest, Hungary on a Fulbright scholarship to combine his mathematical and filmmaking interests. In Fall 2010, he enters his third year of the MFA program in film and video production at the University of Iowa.

Craig Webster was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington.