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Wowie Part 2

Florina Titz and Craig Webster (2010)

Wowie Part 2 is a low-budget art-house short filmed on 16mm, about an obsessive postman who plots to seduce the object of his desires.

Wowie Part 2, stills

The title sequence is a glorious hotch-potch of home-made horror, proving small budgets can produce brilliant results too. Maybe not everyone’s cuppa, as some of your comments on the titles for Wowie Part 1, posted about a year ago suggested, but at Watch the Titles, we believe that title design can take on many forms and shapes.

Wowie Part 2, still

Wowie Part 2 was one of 17 finalists of the second edition of South by Southwest‘s Excellence in Title Design competition.

Year of production


About Florina Titz and Craig Webster

Florina Titz has been awarded a Fellowship at the University of Iowa Film and Video Production department. She is currently working an a web series with fellow MFA, Craig Webster.

Craig Webster is currently writing and shooting “Wowie,” a series of short film installments about a delusional postman. He also acts as the sole character in the web-series “DaiDaiiRo”.

More about Florina Titz and Craig Webster

Full credits

Directors and Title Designers
Florina Titz & Craig Webster
Production co.
Etcaetera Films

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