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Olivier Marquézy Interview


We interviewed Olivier Marquézy in 2008 in his studio in Paris, France. Together with Stéphanie Lelong he forms Studio Deubal – a creative studio that specializes in illustration-based motion graphic design, print and animation.

Oliver Marquezy of studio Deubal in Paris

When we arrived at the studio, Olivier had just finished the title sequence for Ça Se Soigne which had robbed him from his sleep. The project was still under embargo, so he couldn’t show it to us yet. Instead, Olivier shows us some of the other title sequences he’s designed and introduces us to his hobby, video scratching.

This interview is part of Submarine Channel Profiles.

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Interview Geert van de Wetering

Camera and Editing Paul de Heer

Sound Ben de Loenen

Ident Amir Admoni

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  1. Very interesting and creative artist, thank you for this interview, I wish to watch more of his creations in theaters!


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