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designer: Garson Yu • studio: yU+co • 3 comments

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Enchanted is classic Disney with a contemporary twist. Part animation, part live action, this 2007 X-mas movie combines elements of the archetypal Hollywood fairytale with the popular romantic comedy genre. When a sweet and naive princess from an animated world is forced through an interdimensional portal by an evil queen, she ends up in the real world, in New York city.

Yu+co's end credit sequence simply oozes 'enchantment'. The decorative Art Nouveau font used for the main credits invokes associations of romance and fairytales. There's also the visual effect of growing vines that we've been seing a lot for the past five, six years or so. In this case the 'vines' are nature-inspired ornamental decorations sprouting from the main credits.

“For Enchanted we took a very organic approach, using hand-drawn illustrations and a watercolor look to tap into the iconic fairytale world of imagery and create a playful narrative that blends elements from the film with broader fairytale symbolism," art director Garson Yu says in the press release.

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About Garson Yu

Garson Yu

Garson Yu started his career in NYC as a freelance designer at RGA. In 1993, Garson moved to LA and joined Imaginary Forces as co-creative director alongside partner Kyle Cooper. In 1998 Yu founded yU+co, a design company specializing in motion graphics for film and TV.

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Full credits

Creative Director/Art Director
Garson Yu
Director (film)
Kevin Lima
Art Director/Designer
Synderela Peng
Synderela Peng, Martin Surya
Alex Yoon, Gary Garza, Chris Coogan, Andrew Gura, Adam Neuman
Ron Yavnieli, Dean Tschetter, Collin Fleming
Shake Artist
Rob Cribbett
Executive Producer
Claire O'Brien
Production studio (film)
Walt Disney Pictures

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Comments (3):

6 Sep 09 • by: Craig Davis & Skye Bach-Davis
Thank you for this lovely illumination. Especially how each sequence ends and transforms into a new scene. It was magnificent! It was perfect with the Nutcracker score. It was as good if not better then Lemeny Snicketts credits!

21 Oct 10 • by: Virginia Sembower
I really love how you treated the lettering in this piece, how it "grows" with all the flourishes and interacts with the illustration - nicely done!

9 Oct 11 • by: Holly
One of my favorites ever!