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Sky Fighters

designer: Laurent Brett1 comment

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Les Chevaliers du Ciel (original title) is a French action movie about two air force pilots assigned to locate a stolen Mirage 2000-5.

Les Chevaliers du Ciel (stills)

Title designer Laurent Brett: “The title sequence was inspired by blueprints and model kits. The director showed me a rough cut of the first sequence and asked me to find a ‘technological’ way to introduce the names. It was the first time I was not involved, hands-on, in the active process. I only designed, edited and work on the font.”

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Title designer

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About Laurent Brett

Laurent Brett

Laurent Brett is a motion graphic designer from Paris, France who has a huge passion for creating film titles. His knowledge of French title design of the past 50 years is impressive. Brett studied two years at a school for communication, which sparked his interest in video editing. He gradually rolled into the motion design business in the 1990's, working as a post-production supervisor, editor and motion graphic designer on music videos and commercials. For several years now, Brett’s primary focus is designing Main Titles for film and TV - ranging from simple "font work" to elaborate creative title sequences. He works a lot and usually on several projects at the same time.

Laurent Brett portrait by

Laurent Brett had an office at the Sabotage studios in Paris, France, where we visited him in 2010 for a video interview. September 2013, Laurent will leave Sabotage to found his own studio Brett & Compagnie.

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Full credits

Title designer and director
Laurent Brett
Digital Compositing
No Brain
Director (film)
Gérard Pirès

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