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Run, Man, Run

Iginio Lardani (1968)

Corri, Uomo, Corri (original title) is Sergio Sollima’s sequel to The Big Gundown.

Corri Uomo Corri (stills)

The opening title sequence sets the tone. This is said to be Sollima’s most political western. The opening sequence starts with images of a  worn down, blood stained Mexican newspaper. A dramatic cut sequence follows, made up of close-up images of a sinister, expressive ink drawing that depicts the victims of some violent atrocity, referring to the Mexican revolution. In the next scenes, these images are juxtaposed with classic Spaghetti Western scenes featuring gangs of men on horses engaged in battle. Title designer Iginio Lardani applies his trademark duotone style showing his talents as a colorist. And again, Lardani‘s admiration for Pop Art and Warhol’s early silkscreen works is obvious.

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About Iginio Lardani

Not so much is known about Iginio ‘Gigi’ Lardani, the designer of iconic title sequences such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars. After a long search, I managed to get in touch with Iginio’s son Alberto, a film editor, who has worked with his father for more than twelve years. In the email interview, Alberto tells me that his father didn’t attend any kind of graphic design school. “He was an autodidact with a great interest in painting. He entered the film world as a film poster designer and created the Italian poster of ‘High Noon’, among others.”

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Full credits

Director (film)
Sergio Sollima
Title Designer

Iginio Lardani
Bruno Nicolai,  Ennio Morricone (as Dan Savio)
Tomas Milian

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