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Odyssey in Rome

Odyssey in Rome
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Odyssey in Rome documents the life of director Abel Ferrara during the three punishing years he spent in Italy, shooting his feature film Mary.

Emulating the documentary, the title sequence for Odyssey in Rome uses fragments of archive footage and still photography to paint a tableau which alludes to Ferrara’s unique approach, and his dynamic repertoire. Images and modest pieces of text reflect on bits and pieces of broken mirrors, creating a fascinating example of type in motion. Although the visuals on-screen are rich and multi-faceted, designer Joost Korngold managed to maintain a smooth balance, due to the calculated motion of the graphic elements. The warm, atmospheric song serves as the perfect counterbalance to the clean images. The result is an ambient flow of cut film and typography which sets a moody tone for this chaotic character study.

Text: Lotje Sodderland, Submarine Channel 2010. Last edit: 5 November 2010.

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About Joost Korngold

Joost Korngold

Joost Korngold is a Dutch freelance designer currently active in 3D motion graphics and 3D illustrations.

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