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Pluk van de Petteflet

Balder Westein, ThreeDoubleYou (2004)

A Dutch children’s film based on the popular children’s book of the same name by one of Holland’s most beloved authors: Annie M.G. Schmidt.

Designer of the end credits, Balder Westein wanted to stay close to the quirky style of illustrator Fiep Westendorp, whose distinctive illustrations have become synonymous with Schmidt’s stories, but due to rights issues, he had to ban that idea. Perhaps for the better, because the end credits for Pluk van de Petteflet are original and entertaining in their own right, yet Westein stayed true to the spirit of Westendorp’s drawings and typical sense of humor.

Westein: “These are all characters from the film but I made them into caricatures. The animated characters do the same things the actors do in the movie. I only had some photos of the actors, so I added a lot with Photoshop – such as the bodyparts.”

“To present the concept, I just took a character and started working with that”, says Westein. “I used Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange as a model. I took his face and put it on a funny body. They loved that. From there, I just started adding stuff that I came up with.”

Article: Remco Vlaanderen, © Submarine Channel, 15 May 2008.

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About Balder Westein

Westein founded ThreeDoubleYou – a one-man animation company in 2001. ThreeDoubleYou means “Westein’s Wacky World”. He directs commercials, title sequences, short animated films and animation series. As a self-taught animator, Westein learned the art of prop-making and stop-motion animation by studying the work of other directors.

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Full credits

Title designer
Balder Westein
Production Companies
Warner Brothers, Bos Bros.
Director (film)
Ben Sombogaart & Pieter van Rijn

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