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Danny Yount

As a self-taught designer, Danny Yount learned everything he knows the hard way. It was the work of Kyle Cooper that lead him in the direction of main title design.

“It wasn’t until I heard about what Kyle Cooper was doing with Imaginary Forces that I was able to get a clear sense of what I wanted to do,” Danny told Desktop in an interview, “From that point on I made it my goal to design main titles. To me it was like gravity – it seemed to be the most logical thing to do. I spent a year building a reel and refining my skills.”

Yount is now one of today’s top main title designers for film and television working with Cooper at one of the most prestigious main title firms in the industry: Prologue.

Before Prologue, Yount served as a creative director at Digital Kitchen where he designed the Emmy award-winning main title for Six Feet Under. His main title for The Grid was nominated for an Emmy.

His 1960’s-style animated main title sequence for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang calls into mind the best work of main title design legend Saul Bass and was nominated for an AD&D award. His most recent work includes the visually spectacular main title sequences for Iron Man and RocknRolla.
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