Watch the Titles

Kyle Cooper

Title designer Kyle Cooper has been credited as the man who revitalized the title sequence as an art form. His groundbreaking title sequence for Se7en (1995) changed the way we look and think about title design today and is arguably the most imitated main title ever made. The work was hailed by New York Times Magazine as “One of the most important design innovations of the 1990s”.

Cooper founded two internationally recognized film design companies, Imaginary Forces and Prologue Films. Both companies are influential in their field. His body of work includes over 100 film title sequences. Among his most memorable ones are Se7en, Dawn of the Dead, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and Spider-Man 3.

Kyle Cooper was one of five title designer to present his work at the Flux/Forget the Film, Watch the Titles event in The Hammer Museum in L.A. 2009. And in 2011, Cooper presented at the Playgrounds Vs Submarine Channel event in Amsterdam.

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