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Momoco Interview


Momoco is arguably one of the most prolific UK studios specialized in creating main titles for film and tv. Their body of work includes main titles for tv shows, such as the crime drama Luther (BBC), the BAFTA-nominated titles for Misfits (E4), and more recently Strike Back (HBO). The list of movie titles is even longer and includes 30 Days of Night, Hard Candy, Dangerous Parking, Love Actually and recently The Three Musketeers. On the occasion of our feature about Momoco’s sci-fi short Copelia, we’re publishing the video interview with Miki Kato and Nic Benns.

Momoco interview

“I’m just very enthusiastic about each project. But we have never won a job on quantity. It’s just about that singl;e idea. And I usually find that it’s better to focus on a single concept and to do an elaborate, pure art direction for that”
Nic Benns



This interview is the third in a new series of 9 video interviews with title designers, taken from our Watch the Titles DVD box. The DVD and this interview was made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fonds, Fonds 21 and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Year of production


Full credits

Remco Vlaanderen
Niels de Roos
Paul de Heer
Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix
Line Producer
Willeke Steenbeeke
Motion Design
Jurriaan Esmeijer
Audio Post Production
Tommy Pallotta
Thanks to
Nic Benns & Miki Kato & Tom Bromwich @Momoco

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