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Shadowplay Studio - Designer

Shadowplay Studio was a motion graphics/visual effects studio founded by Ari Sachter-Zeltzer and Gareth Smith. The studio was located on … >>

Henry Hobson - Designer

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, the UK-born designer and director Henry Hobson started working at Why … >>

Michel Saignes - Designer

Very little is known about about Michel Saignes. He studied graphics and animation at l’Ecole Estienne and the Métiers d’Art, focusing … >>

Gerard Majax - Designer

Gérard Majax is a very famous French magician, born in 1943. At 18 years old, during his studies, he made … >>

Remy le Rumeur - Designer

Remy Le Rumeur is a French graphic and motion designer. He studied a BA in graphic design & multimedia at … >>

Not credited - Designer

We bring a salute to the uncredited title designer. May your name be known to us sooner rather than later.

Pierre Etaix and Jacques Tati - Designer

Born in 1928, Pierre Étaix was a clown, filmmaker, designer, comedian, magician, graphic designer, musician, director, stage designer, mime, television … >>

Jean Luc Godard - Designer

Jean-Luc Godard began his career in cinema as a journalist for the renowned review rag “Les Cahiers du Cinéma”, along … >>

Tito Topin - Designer

Born on February 23rd, 1932 in Casablanca (Morocco), Tito Topin is a graphic designer, scriptwriter and author. He started as … >>

Menno Fokma and Floris Vos - Designer

An occasional collaboration between two motion designers from The Netherlands.