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Simon Clowes - Designer

Simon Clowes (1982) is originally from the UK. After completing a Bachelor of Art Honors degree in Graphic Media Design … >>

Andre Francois - Designer

André François is one of the most important French creators of the last decades. Born in Hungary in 1915, François … >>

Pierre Etaix and Jacques Tati - Designer

Born in 1928, Pierre Étaix was a clown, filmmaker, designer, comedian, magician, graphic designer, musician, director, stage designer, mime, television … >>

Florina Titz and Craig Webster - Designer

Florina Titz has been awarded a Fellowship at the University of Iowa Film and Video Production department. She is currently … >>

Djie Han Thung - Designer

Djie Han Thung is a self-taught filmmaker. After art school he practised painting and graphic arts, played in bands, worked … >>

Filipe Carvalho - Designer

Filipe Carvalho is a freelance designer and director for film and tv. He lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. He … >>

Physalia - Designer

Physalia is a motion-graphics and visual effects studio in Barcelona. It was established in 2006 and consists of three people: … >>

PIC - Designer

PIC is a “design boutique” located in Santa Monica, CA. The company was founded in 2005 by Pamela Green and … >>

Kris Clarkin - Designer

Kris Clarkin (1982) is a producer, director and animator who recently completed a Masters in Communication Design at Kingston University … >>

Nando Costa - Designer

“A natural of Rio de Janeiro,” as Costa puts it himself, the Brazilian born director and graphic artist currently lives … >>