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Cargo – Innocence Lost

Maxim Ivanov, Topform Studio (2006)

Cargo – Innocence Lost is a docu-drama that addresses the issue of sex trafficking as a form of slavery that still exists, even today, in the USA.

The title sequence for this socially conscious film confronts the viewer head on with the human suffering associated with sex trafficking. Title designer Maxim Ivanov created a powerful, raw, filmic expression of the notion of people being shipped around as cargo. The source footage with the girl was shot especially for the title sequence.

Maxim Ivanov: “I wanted the titles to look like they are some kind of a box around the actress. The initial idea came from the name of the movie itself… CARGO. I was thinking about the wooden boxes they use to ship things in. The girl is almost naked to enforce the feeling of loneliness.”

Ivanov used Autodesk Combustion and Final Cut Pro. The footage was shot on HD.

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About Maxim Ivanov

Maxim Ivanov is a motion graphic designer. After studying at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, he moved to The Netherlands to study at the HKU in Utrecht, and at the Faculty of Art, Media and Technology, in Hilversum. During and after his studies he worked as a graphic and motion designer for Topform Studio in Sofia, designing poster and logo designs, film titles and commercials. In 2007 Ivanov moved to Sidney, Australia, where he worked mainly on television branding at Bruce Dunlop & Associates, and for Ink Project. He is currently in Europe – freelancing.

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Full credits

Director (film)
Michael Cory Davis
Design, Animation, Editing, Compositing, direction
Maxim Ivanov, TopForm Studio
George Markov
Kaloyan Dimitrov

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