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The main title for the boy/girl sex comedy Extreme Movie features the unusual combination of test screen patterns with inserted animated pin-up girls. Surprising, if you considering that movies of this particular genre are usually troubled by one too many familiar clichés. A teen comedy with a main title worth noting is a rare commodity.

Extreme Movie is comedy by Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson who previously collaborated on the script of the successful teen comedy Not Another Teen Movie. The main title was designed by Colin Gill.

Gill worked practically solo on the title sequence. “The format of the movie was almost like watching TV,” says Gill. “It is a sketch-based movie with pseudo ‘commercials’ here and there breaking up the feature like you are changing channels on and old TV set – complete with white fuzz and warpy effects. So I set out to spice up those old-school TV test patterns with some naked lady drawings to suit the coming-of-age, boy/girl sex comedy theme of the movie. The music came afterwards. The director of the film was only involved to the extent of approving the test pattern concept.”

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Directors (film)
Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson
Colin Gill

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