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Made in YU

Armin Osmancevic, Foreign Artists (2005)

Armin Osmancevic: “Foreign Artists was commissioned to create a cell-animated title sequence for ‘Made in Yu’.”

“The aim was to tell a story about what happened before the events in the film, which revolve around a former Yugoslavian family that came to Sweden in 1960’s. The film follows their lives through 1980’s and 1990’s. At first, we made the character designs, storyboards and animatic. We showed it to Miko Lazic and he gave us a free hand, which is something of a dream for a designer. We then came up with the concept of moving through time using three color schemes and also a year-counter in the upper right corner.”

“Since the movie itself jumps back and forth in time, we agreed that the sequence would have to do the same, and in the same time tell a story about what happened to the characters to introduce the story in the film that follow. What we also did is that characters from 1990’s appear in the 1960’s but are coloured different. Once you see the film you can clearly follow the color scheme and time jumps because you’ve already seen it in the title sequence.”

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Full credits

Director and background artist
Armin Osmancevic
Character design, animation and editing
Niklas Rissler
Sound design
Film Production Company

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