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Soap Prince

Fake (2006)

Saippuaprinssi (Soap Prince) is a romantic comedy from Finland about a soap opera screenwriter who falls in love with the star of the show. She starts to confuse fact with fiction as she writes a romance for herself and the star.

The camera moves through a 3D rendition of a movie script. Credits pop out of the pages while images of the main characters are presented in the form of animation sequences in flip book, photo sequence and ASCII-art style.

“Having the opening sequence themed with scripts was a natural choice” remembers Santtu Parikka, Creative Director of Fake at the time, “Because the movie Saippuaprinssi is about a soap opera screenwriter who’s working on a romance for herself.” The challenge was to find elegant ways to highlight names and personalities playing only with few objects such as casting pictures, storyboard sketches, newspaper scraps and loots of paper. “We wanted to keep it intriguing and related to the characters, so that’s why we chose red and black as predominant colors and camera movements come unexpectedly, so that every credit appears in a radical different fashion from the previous one”.

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About Fake

A giant loft-like office in the middle of Helsinki, stacked with classic design and stylish retro furniture, is the home of Fake Graphics Ltd. – one of Finland’s leading post-production facilities. Founded in 2004 by seven creatives with several years of professional experience, Fake specializes in digital animation, post-production and printed ads for advertising agencies and film production companies. Their main film titles include Onno von Sopanen, 7 Millionaires, Soap Prince, Kid Svensk and the tv title Uutishuone.

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Full credits

Titles directed and designed by
Creative Director
Santtu Parikka
Main title graphics

Antti Hämäläinen, Tuomo Hintikka, Juuso Selin

Film director
Janne Kuusi

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