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Kid Svensk

Fake (2007)

Water is a strong metaphor for the fluidity of time and symbolizes the unconscious mind. Kid Svensk (English title: That Special Summer) opens with a 3D underwater scene. The movie credits rise to the surface in the midst of air bubbles. The sun’s rays penetrate the darkness as the camera slowly pans upwards towards the surface of a lake.

Photographs of the lead characters and hand-written letters float by. The voice-over is Kid, the main character, who introduces us to the story. The opening sequence ends and the movie starts the moment Kid pulls her head out of the water. The film is set in 1984, hence the throbbing Giorgio Moroder-esque score.

Kid is a pubescent girl who moved with her mom from Finland to Sweden. She adjusts much better than her mom, who is secretly planning to move back to the home country. An important part of the film’s setting is the family’s summer cottage at a Finnish lake, with scenes that take place in and on the water and around the waterfront.

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About Fake

A giant loft-like office in the middle of Helsinki, stacked with classic design and stylish retro furniture, is the home of Fake Graphics Ltd. – one of Finland’s leading post-production facilities. Founded in 2004 by seven creatives with several years of professional experience, Fake specializes in digital animation, post-production and printed ads for advertising agencies and film production companies. Their main film titles include Onno von Sopanen, 7 Millionaires, Soap Prince, Kid Svensk and the tv title Uutishuone.

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Title design
Fake Graphics
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Tre Vanner Produktion, SVT, Film i Vast, Svensk Filmindustri, Canal + Sweden   /Juonifilmi, YLE
Film director
Nanna Huolman

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