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Nanny McPhee

Paul Donnellon, VooDooDog (2005)

Paul Donnellon: “Nanny McPhee is a colorful kids movie. The director, Kirk Jones, saw our Peter Sellers title sequence and asked us to pitch on his opening credits.”

Nanny Mcphee animated main title sequence Voodoodog 01

“When the first edit of the movie was done, Kirk Jones [director] realised that an opening sequence would not work for his movie so he commissioned us to make an end sequence. We began simply with black and white silhouetted figures, but this was boring and eventually we tried a cut out approach, which Kirk loved. The challenge was to keep all the contractual credits the same size for legal reasons but still get interesting action into the frame with the wide screen shots. We balanced the design out so it would be harmonious on the big screen – it was a big release for Universal/Working Title – so cinema was always its main home.”

Paul Donnellon: “I drew caricatures of the main child cast and constructed cut out figures rather than going for full drawn animation, like we did before in the Peter Sellers sequence. It gave a different effect and still holds your interest and gives the audience something to leave the cinema with.”

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About Paul Donnellon

Award winning London-based studio that specializes in animation and live action. VooDooDog was founded by Paul Donnellon and David Z. Obadiah in 2003. The studio has created a number of striking animated title sequences with a classic handcrafted feel for movies such as Love in the Time of Cholera, Smokin’ Aces and both Nanny McPhee movies. Senior Designer at VooDooDog is Andrew White.

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Titles director
Paul Donnellon
Titles producer
David Z. Obadiah
Titles co-producer

Noel Donnellon

Patrick Doyle
Film director
Kirk Jones

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