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The Wilde Ones

Hoon Chong, Suspect (2009)

Suspect created the stop-motion opening and end credit sequence for ‘The Wilde Ones’ – a documentary short that pays tribute to Richard Wilde’s inspiring leadership as chair of the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department of the SVA in New York.

The Wilde Ones stop motion title sequence

“Our team created a landscape that felt as if someone had crafted it from scratch. Each piece of material was something that was found around the office; whether it was created from paper, wood or cardboard. The only props that were given to us by Richard were the metal die-cast figures and the tin wind up toys from his private collection.”

“We used many found objects, objects that symbolized different things that correlated with various aspects of graphic design. The book represents academia. The small letter forms represent typography. The wooden hand represents craftsmanship and technical abilities. The magnifying glass represents attention to detail. The tin toys and figures represent the students. The train represents the journey of the students through academia. After we established the iconography and overall concept, we were able to create a look and feel for it that was befitting to the characteristics of Richard Wilde, which is whimsical and playful.”

“Everything was shot as stills on a Canon 5D Mark II. It was then brought into After Effects and then composited with bits of CG and elements that were shot against green screen. We wanted to end up on a wide shot of the entire landscape that was building up all around these symbolic figures.”

What’s the link with Outsider Art?
Hoon Chong: “The term Outsider Art is used to describe art that is created outside the boundaries of official culture, art that is created in a pure state. We had creative freedom from the director so this allowed us to create and think in a way that was raw and true to the spirit of academia.”

The Wilde Ones stop motion title sequence

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About Hoon Chong

Hoon Chong studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York. “I started my motion design career at Manhattan Transfer as an intern and then as a full-time designer. Several years later, I had the unique opportunity to start up Freestyle Collective, a design studio that mainly focused on combining great design with motion graphics. I was the Creative Director (CD) there for six years. I am now the CD at Suspect.”

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Full credits

Film Written, Produced and Directed by
Benita Raphan
Written By
Richard Wilde,  Benita Raphan and Richard Pels
Creative Director
Hoon Chong
Executive Producer

Robert Appelblatt
Frank Lee, Donnie L. Miller
Hayes Greenfield
Sound Design
Marshall Grupp
Audio Mixing House
Sound Lounge

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