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Danny Yount Interview


We met with title designer Danny Yount at the studios of Prologue Films in Venice Beach, California. Yount talked about his main titles for Iron Man, RocknRolla, his Emmy award-winning main title for Six Feet Under, and he explains the difference between designing for TV versus film. (6’20”).

This interview is part of a series of five video interviews with title designers recorded in Los Angeles in 2009. See also our interviews with Jamie Caliri, Karin Fong, Garson Yu, and Kyle Cooper.

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Danny Yount at Forget the Film, Watch the Titles:
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Reaping
The Invasion

Danny Yount at Art of the Title:
Iron Man
Six Feet Under

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Femke Wolting and Remco Vlaanderen
Paul de Heer

Madelinde Hageman, Raoul Matheron
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Prologue, Los Angeles
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Danny Yount and Prologue Films

5 responses to “Danny Yount Interview

  1. Great interview with Danny Yount.
    It sounds a basic prerequisite for creating tiles but he’s right about the importance of really understanding the story and tone of the film before starting. Love Rock ‘N’ Rolla.

  2. So nice to watch and hear an artist having fun with his skill … Danny’s work has me hanging out for the 15 minutes at the end of the flick, watching the credits roll and waiting for surprise end titles.

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