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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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Danny Yount created a 1960's-style animated main title sequence that makes use of strong, graphic gestures, reminiscent of Saul Bass' classic main title designs.

The expressive color palet of black, red and off-white reflect the movie's time setting and plot. The animation is perfectly synched to the soundtrack, which adds style and panache. All in all the atmosphere breathes 'suspense' and the viewer is submerged in the crime plot of the film.

Danny Yount: "Joel Silver had approached us to do a short title. He had shown us some old detective novels that would be a key component to the story. They had a 1960's look, so I thought I would make it reflect that time period by making it look a little Saul Bass-like. They liked the idea so much that we were allowed to do a long title sequence. Jon Ottman wrote the score for it."

This title sequence was nominated for an AD&D award.

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About Danny Yount

Danny Yount

As a self-taught designer, Danny Yount learned everything he knows the hard way. It was the work of Kyle Cooper that lead him in the direction of main title design.

"It wasn't until I heard about what Kyle Cooper was doing with Imaginary Forces that I was able to get a clear sense of what I wanted to do," Danny told Desktop in an interview, "From that point on I made it my goal to design main titles. To me it was like gravity – it seemed to be the most logical thing to do. I spent a year building a reel and refining my skills."

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