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Dead Man On Campus

designer: Karin Fong • studio: Imaginary Forces • comment

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"One of my favorite title projects was an MTV comedy called Dead Man on Campus,” says title designer Karin Fong. “The film was an offbeat comedy involving college students who wanted to lure the most suicidal person on campus to live with them." 

"There were a lot of concepts on how to touch on this, but ultimately the sequence became a standardized test on suicide techniques. Adam Bluming and I worked with illustrator Wayne Coe to make those really generic diagrams. I'd always loved the titles for 'Delicatessen' where the credits are embedded within the scene as the camera explores the space. In 'Dead Man on Campus' the names are embedded into the exam, as multiple choice answers, or within textbook diagrams, so the viewer has that feeling of discovering the joke."

"A side note to this project was that we also had a hand in determining the music, picking songs that had lyrics that ironically pulled out the humor. Being able to work with a film’s music supervisor or composer can be another way of strengthening the impact of the sequence."

Read the complete interview with Karin Fong.


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About Karin Fong

Karin Fong

Karin Fong is a director and designer based in New York City. A native Californian, Fong  studied Art at Yale, with a concentration in Graphic Design. After successfully creating an animated alphabet book for her senior project, she began her career as an animator on the WGBH television program 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?' From that point forward, Karin was hooked on creating work that combines live action, design, and animation.

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Full credits

Film director
Alan Cohn
Title designer
Karin Fong, Adam Bluming

Wayne Coe;

Marilyn Manson
Director (film)
Alan Cohn


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