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Laws of Attraction

Momoco (2004)

The rhythm of Main Title sequence of romcom Laws of Attraction flows as smoothly as its light, jazzy score. The yellow credits transform into horizontal and vertical intersecting lines that mirror New York’s city grid. The grid frames the Big Apple’s iconic skyline and cityscape with its ubiquitous yellow cabs. Victory Boogie Woogie – we’re in New York City!

Laws Of Attraction Main Title by Momoco

“The type animation is part of the city but it also carries the idea of boundaries and rules – the film being about lawyers in love and divorce,” explains title designer Nic Benns.So the type pushes names away or letters are immediately replaced, relationships are signified. As it was seamless, the sequence, and each letter, had to be animated from scratch many, many times,” adding that lawyers kept changing the order of the credits and adding more, up until the last minute. “Lots of executive producers on that film! But it did improve each time.”

“We selected the footage from hours of aerial shots that the director had captured. I animated to the music, which is always preferred, and it was a very classy Gershwin-esque piece.”

Julianne Moore’s credit transforms into a grid, and into the Main Title

Laws Of Attraction title sequence (stills) - Julianne Moore

Article: Remco Vlaanderen, © Submarine Channel, 20 November 2008. Last update 15 March 2013.

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Still from the 2010 mini documentary about Momoco
Watch the 10″ mini-documentary we made about Momoco featuring Miki Kato and Nic Benns, shot on location at their tiny London studio.

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Miki Kato & Nic Benns/Momoco

Edward Sheamur
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Peter Howitt

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